Here at The Putt Hutt we offer so much more than just mini golf courses! With a wide range of family entertainment for all to enjoy, we strive to be the place to go whenever planning a day of fun activities.

Family Amusement

We provide a plethora of exciting attractions that everyone can enjoy! Whether you want to win some prizes by showing off your gaming skills in our arcade or you would like to batter up in our batting cages, we ensure you that an enjoyable time is in store. We also carry yummy treats and lunch meals to feed those growling stomachs. Sometimes when we are having too much fun we forget about our bodily needs, which is why our fresh meals and snacks are there for you to munch on before you carry on the fun!

Our attractions have given the residents of Cheyenne, WY a fun way to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the real world. Great for family amusement or a weekend activity with friends, come visit our amusement center today!


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