Birthday Parties

Finding the perfect place to host children's’ birthday parties can be a grueling process. From the never boring activities that need to be provided, enough seating for all of your guests, to staying within a certain budget, the list can go on! However, when you reserve a spot to host your child’s birthday with The Putt Hutt, all of these worries can be swept away!Mini Golf

Our amusement center has been one of the many places in Cheyenne, WY where children love to celebrate their big day. With never ending games, mini golf, and tons of thrilling attractions, excited, little ones have designated our amusement center as the best of the best! We have many amenities to help you host your child’s impeccable party. From seating areas to places to keep all the food and presents, we are more than happy to supply anything you need to host a spectacular party.

Whether you are visiting us for family entertainment or your child’s birthday, we strive to give you the fun-filled experience that can’t be found anywhere else! Come visit us today!


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