Mini Golf

Playing golf in general is a very fun and challenging sport for adults and kids alike. However, unlike normal golf, miniature golf adds some colorful fun to each run you go on! The Putt Hutt’s mini golf course provides you with nothing less!

Miniature Golf Course

At The Putt Hutt our mini golf park has gained the reputation of having some of the most challenging yet riveting golf runs in all of Cheyenne, WY. Each one of our obstacles prepares you for the next challenge. From the simple ball tunnel runs to the classic windmill roll through, each course will be giving you a new way of playing. With different strategies for each obstacle, everyone of all ages is sure to have an enjoyable time!

We strive to provide our visitors with a fun-filled experience that keeps them wanting to come back. Along with our exciting attractions, come try mini golf with us! Step up to par and give it your best shot. Located in Cheyenne, WY, stop by today!


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